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Apr 9, 2013 by Barry Martin

VMTurbo is an intelligent workload management solution that provides service assurance and infrastructure efficiency for both cloud and virtualized environments. Emphasizing prevention, VMTurbo can deliver an intelligent and automated control panel for cloud and virtualized datacenters.

Automation of Analysis

VMTurbo is primary a “decision engine”, driving virtual environments to a desired state and then keeping them there. This program can dynamically allocate resources in the infrastructure to best meet business goals. By using VMTurbo, we can ensure our customers that their applications receive the resources needed to function reliably while utilizing both infrastructure and human resources efficiently.

Plan for Change

Planning involves more than projecting out the volume and cost of hardware and software. VMTurbo simulates the impact changes in workloads, infrastructure, policies and constraints will have on the environment. This program simulates how adding workloads or making changes to those workloads will impact the environment. By allowing for additions to be made to the environment, VMTurbo can simulate and determine what actions must be taken to keep the environment in its user selectable Desired State.

Efficiency & Rightsizing

VMTurbo not only ensures application QoS, but does so while simultaneously ensuring infrastructure efficiency. VMTurbo not only ensures you have the right amount of infrastructure, but continuously maximizes utilization and application performance at the same time. VMTurbo achieves this by identifying dormant and zombie virtual machines, and reclaimable storage space, including log files and snapshots that don’t comply with operational best practices. VMTurbo Operations Manager’s intelligent workload management takes infrastructure capacity, system constraints, service level priorities and real-time performance characteristics into consideration to automatically and continuously optimize and “right-size” the configuration of the virtual environment.

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