Up until now, collaborating during meetings and conference calls was difficult. Even with modern technologies, running a conference call, screen sharing, and switching through multiple applications on your computer is cumbersome.

The InFocus Mondopad is a large, multi-touch tablet that revolutionizes the conference room by addressing these needs. Here are some of Mondopad’s best features:


Surf the net. Access your cloud storage. Annotate on website and even on live, cloud-based video.


Leverage this easy-to-use application to draw, edit documents and collaborate with your team, both in the room and remotely.

Video Meeting

The Mondopad offers user-friendly business-class video conferencing. In fact, it’s so simple and easy, you can connect to many video conferencing clients out there today — not just Mondopad.

Schedule and Sync

Since the Mondopad is a tool many individuals want to use, you can schedule it and even sync it with your Outlook calendar.


The Mondopad runs like any computer, which makes the IT staff happy. Use flash drives, email, or access cloud storage to get to what you need for your presentation. Print and email directly from the Mondopad so everyone gets what they need without delay.

Future Proof

Mondopad is an all-in-one integrated product with an i5 processor and Windows. But, standards change for the motherboards and processors. Luckily, the processor slides out and an upgrade can be easily purchased and installed. That way, you don’t have to update the entire apparatus. In fact, if you’re traveling between offices and you’ve got everything you need on your Mondopad, take the PC with you and switch it out.

What’s your conference room look like? Does your whiteboard maximize your meeting ROI and save your business travel expenses?



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