The X-IO Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) was born in Seagate’s Advanced Storage Group (which is now owned by X-IO) as a method to eliminate many of the modern problems that customers were facing with storage arrays.  There are three major ways in which this has been accomplished

Performance and Scalability

X-IO storage boasts a IOps per drive performance that isn’t matched by other vendors. They accomplish this by laying out their data on drives in a very unique manner that prevents the normal degradation of performance as storage reaches capacity. Additionally, having a very deep understanding of Seagate Drives, X-IO is able to remove the majority of the firmware from the drives that are not necessary when the drives are used in an ISE datapac. Each ISE chassis includes redundant active/active controllers with synchronous battery backed cache that allows a X-IO deployment to be scaled out by adding more ISE chassis, each of which adds redundant controllers with extra cache.  This creates a linear performance gain as additional chassis are added.


In addition to the redundant controllers, the most unique feature of X-IO’s availability lies in the way that data is placed on their drives.  The ISE chassis uses ANSI T10 DIF to prevent silent data corruption that plagues many of today’s storage arrays. X-IO’s unique manner of data placement and deep understanding of Seagate’s drives allows ISE to perform the same type of drive validation and remanufacturing that Seagate performs when drives are RMA’d, self-healing almost all drive issues within the ISE and eliminating the need to RMA drives.

Cost Savings

Within their performance segment, ISE provides the lowest cost per usable gigabyte and over 30 percent lower energy consumption. In addition to this, every ISE chassis comes with a five-year hardware warranty for no additional cost. The scalable manner of ISE also means there isn’t a point in time where there has to be a ‘forklift upgrade’ since there is no single point of contention within the design. Additionally, the availability features mean that once an ISE is configured, it requires almost no administrative overhead, lowering IT personnel expenses.

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