veeam backup & replication v9This year was Veeam’s second conference, VeeamON. This conference is a great place to focus on technical learning and preview upcoming features and products…and hear it from the horse’s mouth. Veeam’s always been great about adding improvements to their solutions that users request, or they add features that we didn’t even realize we wanted until we got them, and Backup & Replication V9 is no different. There are a lot of features and enhancements coming that I’m excited about.

1. Scale-Out Backup Repository

This is huge. It allows you to group your repositories into a single pool. This is great for larger environments, because they usually have multiple repositories and subsequently end up having to micromanage job-to-repository mapping. This can also bring performance gains with it because you can actually spread your backups across multiple repositories.

2. Standalone Console

Currently, there is no way to manage Veeam other than by remoting into the server and opening the local console. In V9, there will be a thick client you can install locally on your laptop or desktop of choice that will access Veeam remotely.

3. CloudConnect Supports Replication

The same CloudConnect that we know and love is being expanded to offer replication to your Veeam-approved cloud service provider, including full site failover to your DR cloud.

4. Veeam Explorer for Oracle

Just like the Veeam Explorer for SQL, there will be one for Oracle. This is an extremely powerful database backup tool that simplifies your job in achieving RPOs and finding specific files.

5. Excluding Folders from a Volume

Users will be able to exclude certain folders that they don’t want to keep in their backups. This is a long-awaited feature that, up until now, Veeam was never able to accommodate, being a block-level backup tool.

There is catch for this, though, and it’s that Veeam has to exclude the folder post-process and it does add resource overhead during the backup process. For large environments that may be excluding lots of files, this could add some serious time and/or memory usage to your backup.

6. More Standard Health Check Options

Unfortunately, lots of people don’t take advantage of Veeam’s SureBackup verification features. That being said, Veeam introduced new health check options for backup copy jobs in V8. These features will be available as an option to use in V9 for regular backup jobs.

7. Backup Size Improvements

Veeam backups, up until now, have always included deleted files, etc., because Veeam backs up at the block level. In V9, Veeam added a feature that will identify those unnecessary files and remove them from the backup. That means smaller and more efficient backups.

8. Backup Direct from Network File System (NFS)

In V9, if you present an NFS storage target, it can do direct SAN access. This is great, because up until now the only NFS storage targets that were supported were a select few storage vendors. This will reduce the impact on your virtual environment’s resources.

9. Storage Snapshot Integration with EMC

Not only does this leverage storage snapshots, like Veeam does with HP and NetApp, but it also has a Veeam Explorer for the storage snapshots. This allows you to explore the storage snapshot natively, like it’s a backup point, to find individual items. This could be beneficial for specific RPO needs or any SLAs if you have EMC in your environment.

Bonus: Veeam Endpoint will support Linux in 2016. Stay tuned for more details. We saw a demo at VeeamON but didn’t get too many details on when it was going to hit GA.

If you have questions about your virtual backups or Veeam, send us an email or give us a call: 502-240-0404!