Backups are inarguably the single most important thing that any IT person can do for their organization. It matters little that you achieve 99.9999% uptime for six years, if on that seventh year the environment gets ransomware and the whole company has to cease operations because your backups are missing or compromised.

Managing backups can be a lonely business with little fanfare but as soon as a major recovery is needed there is a crowd of people asking, “How fast can we get things restored?” A wise person once said. Backups may be a lonely business but restores draw a crowd. While nobody seems to care much about backups, most everyone will care about how long it will take to restore and how much data might be lost.

With all of this in mind, Mirazon is launching two new backup products, proudly based on Veeam software: Mirazon Managed Backups and Mirazon Veeam In A Box. Mirazon was Veeam’s first US Gold Partner and has worked with Veeam software since Version 1. We’ve seen the software grow, know it inside and out, and have seen every way it can be misconfigured. Now, we’re offering extra solutions building on 11 years of Veeam experience to try to help you.

As always, we try to be flexible. If you want to work how you always have, go for it. If you want to buy one or all of these, go for it. If you want to stop reading right now and call us only if you have a problem, OK! Each of these products can be added to your environment independently or they can be bundled for fully out-sourced server backups. It’s a-la-carte or buffet, your choice.

Mirazon Managed Backups

Managing a backup environment can be challenging and time consuming. There are software upgrades, OS upgrades, hardware upgrades, backup jobs, restores, offsite copies … everything that it takes to make a good backup strategy rests on your shoulders as the manager of backups.

Mirazon can help. We can step in and manage your backups to meet your business requirements according to industry best practices. If you want us to manage your properly configured existing server, we can do that. If you want us to set up a new server and then manage it, we can do that. Want management of some sites and not others? We can do that too.

Existing clients may be wondering, “So what’s new? We use Mirazon to help us already.” That’s perfectly fine. If you want to continue business as usual, that is still a great option! However, if you want to pay a set flat rate monthly for us to keep your backups up to date, monitor them, test them, and send you regular updates on their status, we can do that too. Again, flexibility is our mantra, so if you don’t want to move to this new strategy, and stick with how you currently engage with us, you can.

Mirazon Veeam In A Box

Onsite backup devices are a second thought of many IT organizations. They are normally older, repurposed devices that are out of support. They regularly don’t have enough resources but are “good enough”. Oftentimes they have various warning lights that go unaddressed because they are “just a backup”. These servers are often running on an old OS or improper configurations because no one can devote the time to rebuild and reconfigure. It’s hard to spend money on backup servers because, when it comes down to it, they’re insurance policies. You hope you never need to rely on them.

But if you do, you REALLY WANT IT TO BE THERE.

To that end, Mirazon has a couple of different backup appliance offerings. If you just want someone to help you design and build a modern backup appliance that works as needed, with an out-right purchase, we can help with that.

But now we also have a new hardware-as-a-service offering, where you can pay a low monthly fee for hardware (with software) that can sit in your server room and take care of all your backups. We’ll set it up for you with proper Windows/Veeam configuration and then help you integrate it into your environment. At that point we can either manage the whole environment for you, or you can take over and do everything yourself. You can even bolt on a cloud repository portion with Veeam’s new Backup & Replication v10 allowing simple connectivity to AWS and Azure.

If you’re ready to step up your backup and disaster recovery strategy with one or a combination of these services, send us an email or give us a call at 502-240-0404!