Recently Datto, my favorite backup and disaster recovery (BDR) vendor, released an expanded line of devices.  Datto has expanding its market offerings by providing new devices in order for the client to focus on exactly what they need in their backup solutions.

Have just a few servers on site you need to backup but don’t have exchange locally, then the New Alto2 line is just for you with storage ranging from 250 gigabyes to one terabyte of storage.

Check out my review of the Datto Alto.

Need more?  Datto’s AltoXL or Alto Professional may be what you are looking for. These network attached storage (NAS) chassis-based devices scale from 1 terabyte to 24 terabytes of local storage and provide a feature called hybrid virtualization.

The entire range of Alto devices allow users to boot up servers into virtual environments to continue running your business if a server or servers happen to fail. Backups are all stored locally and then replicated offsite. Some of the models are field upgradeable, which allows users to expand the storage.

There is also the new Siris2 line, which is a total refresh of the product with new hardware specifications to support from from 500 gigabytes to a massive 36 terabytes of of local, bootable, continually tested storage. The new professional and enterprise lines include Xeon processors and up to 96 gigabytes of ram, depending on the device. The boot drive for the operating system is a solid-state drive (SSD), which allows the devices to boot up very quickly.

Like they say on TV: “But wait! There’s more!”  A new line of NAS appliances has been released as well.  For those that only need a target for files that can be replicated offsite and don’t need the Instant virtualization or exchange recovery tools: the Datto NAS. These four and eight-bay NAS appliances range from 500 gigabytes to 24 terabytes of local storage.

There are lots of other updates to the product line including a new console interface, expanded offline storage options – including a new option to keep your backups offsite based on retention time instead of number of terabytes.

I’m still investigating all of the new features and so far I have uncovered some really nice, whiz-bang features I will be covering later on.

If you are interested in the Datto products let me know! Mirazon is a Datto Elite partner and we would love to help you.