So the Technical Preview for Windows 9 — I mean Windows 10 — is now out and after a little bit of time playing around with it, I have found some of my new favorite features… The new Command Prompt and PowerShell.

Wait, what?

Yes, you did read that right.

While the look of Windows 10 is cleaner and there is a new “cooler” looking start menu, my favorite additions are in Command Prompt and PowerShell.

I work with Exchange Server and Lync often so I spend a lot of time with the Shell open. Everyone knows the frustration of running a command only to see all your output truncated and having to either guess the missing part or export the output in order to see everything you are missing. Then there is the frustration with pasting a command. While in a normal window you can hit ctrl-v to paste content into a window, don’t try that in a command prompt or PowerShell. For me, when looking at notes, I am frequently changing back and forth between screens and trying to line the Shell and my notes up side by side to see what my next step is.

With Windows 10, we now have the ability to customize our command prompt or PowerShell environment. The ability to make the window any size we want now is great because it helps to prevent output from being truncated and having to use a workaround to be able to view the output of the command you just launched.

Windows 10 new features

The ability to hit ctrl-v to paste from the clipboard directly to the command prompt is way overdue and very welcome.

My favorite feature of all, though, is the ability to make the command shell or PowerShell window translucent! Why would you want to do that?

Now my notes can be directly behind the shell with both in full screen mode. I can work in the Shell and see the notes at the same time. Now that is a great feature upgrade!

Windows 10 new features

I know that much of the new talk is on Windows 10 return to a start menu and the cross between Windows 7 usability and Windows 8 tiles and apps, but for me it is the simple command prompt and PowerShell window that makes me want Windows 10 for my everyday tasks.

What are you looking forward to in Windows 10? Let us know if you want help upgrading to Windows 10!