Everyone knows a person who cannot seem to keep track of his or her mobile device. When that person keeps confidential company data on this device, this becomes a much larger problem.

Personal and corporate mobile devices are being brought into the workplace more and more to access corporate data and applications. Without the proper security protocols, this can mean a high risk of loss of confidential company data.

Luckily, you can remotely monitor and manage every mobile device in your company. With a mobile device management application that can be easily installed on any current Apple, Android, Blackberry, or Windows device, you can address any security issue and protect company data by making sure usage policies are in place.

This application will give the company a chance to set up configuration policies to cut down on emergencies. The configuration policies allowed on each device may vary depending on the platform of the phone. Some of the policies that can be configured on a mobile device include:

  • The ability to wipe or lock a mobile device, if it is reported as lost or stolen, at its next check in to the service center
  • The ability to wipe or lock a mobile device for any reason at anytime
  • The ability to set the complexity of a passcode, number of failed attempts before the device is locked or wiped, and when the passcode expires on each mobile device
  • The ability to block the instillation and use of certain applications that present a security risk
  • Much more

Once these configuration policies are in place, the corporation will be alerted when the policies are broken.

With the number of smartphone users rising, so are the numbers of smartphone thefts. More than three million smartphones were stolen last year. A majority of these phones are not passcode protected. That means that anyone could easily access the private data on the mobile device. With the mobile device management tool, you will not have to worry that one of these phones will belong to your employee. You will be able to make sure that there is a passcode on each and every company device, and if a device is lost, you have the ability to wipe it to ensure that no one will be able to get to company data.

So ask yourself this…

What would happen to your company if your employee’s phone was stolen, and the thief could access all of your company’s data? Or what would it cost you if a disgruntled employee had your entire client list and strategy on his phone, and decided he wanted to share it with your competitor?

This blog post was written by Dylan Janes.

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