Utilize these tools for a more productive workday.

Microsoft Office 365 offers all the applications that you as a small business need for day-to-day operations. The Office 365 suite comes with the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Skype for Business, and many others. You typically purchase these tools for business use and are all available within one package, Office 365. The added bonus for implementing Office 365 is that all your devices can store, sync and share files with the latest versions of each application.

Some of the Office 365 applications can be utilized more effectively for an improved work environment and we’d like to share these insights with you.


Microsoft Outlook is our go-to program for email. It’s got lots of features and integrates well with calendaring and Unified Communication programs. However, it’s just a tool and how you use it matters.

Mismanagement of email can really bog down productivity. Dreaded reply-all banter among employees creates disarray in email inboxes and strays people away from their important tasks. Create an organizational system within Outlook, which is available standard with Microsoft Office 365, to file emails according to importance. There are excellent features like flagging and voting for better organization and concise communication. Keep in mind that an email inbox should not be treated like a to-do list, but as a means of quick communication.

Skype for Business

For even more efficient communication, Microsoft Skype for Business connects teams with calling, conferencing, and sharing in one simple-to-use application. Your employees can easily search fellow team members and instantaneously check availability, send messages, and rope users into a conference or video call. If your employees work on the go or remotely, Skype for Business works seamlessly across various devices and will keep everyone connected no matter their location.



Microsoft Office 365 has other tools that will increase employee productivity as well. One in particular that stands out is Microsoft Planner, a project management tool that comes standard with Office 365. This simple-to-use tool assists with gathering teams and designating tasks to complete projects more efficiently. Easily allocate responsibilities to team members and track progress. Get more things accomplished with projects in one place where everyone can stay in the loop.

There are always ways to cut corners and be budget conscience with technology, but sometimes it’s beneficial to invest. That doesn’t always mean monetarily, either. Organizations that make a cultural commitment to learning how to fully utilize their technology experience much larger productivity and communication improvements.

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