Mirazon has been fully on Lync for a couple years now. We use all modalities and are quite happy with the product. Recently, one of our principals got a new iPhone but was unable to log on to the Lync 2013 Mobile Client. The error was “We can’t sign you in. Looks like you are already signed in on too many devices.”


This is weird.  He only has a few devices, five or six at most, and they are not always logged in at the same time. I know there is a setting in Lync Server 2013 “Registrar” that identifies the Max Number of Endpoints a user can simultaneously have connected to the system.



I check ours and we’re already set to 64.


This is weird because I know this user doesn’t have 64 devices. So, we log off ALL of his other devices to no avail. We even wait the expiration time (900) above. No Joy. We wait a few more days. No joy. I do every sort of Google-fu that I’m aware of and I cannot find a good clean fix,  so I reach out to the #lync community on Twitter.

I find several users that have seen it, but…no real fix. Everyone suggests rebooting. Even this article suggests rebooting.

I hate the “just reboot it – it will fix it” answer, but, I try it. And it works. Joy.

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