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We Are Your IT Department

Clients who have Mirazon’s Total IT full-service contract get total peace of mind when it comes to the technology that runs their business. We are their helpdesk, taking calls from end users who need help to use technology to do their jobs. We are their server and storage team – monitoring, maintaining, and patching the critical systems that house our clients’ crucial data. We are their network and security team, monitoring their systems for uptime and suspicious activity or anomalies, and keeping their equipment and software patched, up to date, and secure.

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End-User Support

These days technology changes so quickly. We offer prompt responses to end users who need help with how to use their systems, password resets, or other issues that need resolving. Call us, email us, use a portal to open tickets – we’re here to help.

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Server and Storage

Whether your data is in the cloud or on local servers and/or storage, we have experts that will keep your critical systems up and running 24/7. Patching, updates, and any troubleshooting is included!

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Network and Security

With our best-in-class suite of tools, processes, and best-of-breed solutions, we’re able to protect you from the latest threats that could impact your data. We monitor your network for uptime and security events and take a proactive approach – preventing anything from disrupting your day and employees’ workflow.

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Technology Strategy

Hardware lifecycling, budgeting, and planning for the future are important components for every organization. We use our tried-and-true methods to map out your plan for the next three to five years. We also meet with you on a regular basis to re-review the plan and assess how we’re all doing.

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Procurement Services

With our elite partnership statuses and skilled procurement team, we can provide you with robust, best-in-class hardware, software, and subscriptions that you need to accomplish your organization’s mission. We also proactively manage any renewals or upcoming replacement needs for you, simplifying the process on your end.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Emergencies happen – accidental deletions, a phishing email gets clicked, who knows. We have a resilient backup and disaster recovery solution that is a crucial line of defense against data loss. If you need a file restored, we can do that. If you need your entire system restored or ransomware remediation services, we can help with that too, and get you back up and running.

Other Benefits to Working with Mirazon

These days, IT touches so many different aspects of the business. We operate as your central hub to help you keep control over all the technologies, systems, and providers you need to stay up and running.

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Vendor Management

Printers, phones, internet service providers, ERP vendors… the list could go on, and they frequently intersect. Allow us to coordinate service requests with these vendors for you.

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Microsoft 365, Adobe, and other Apps

Get the most out of your business apps. We can help you manage your subscriptions and support your end users when they use them.

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Security Awareness Training

Your end users can either be your first line of defense against attack, or the biggest chink in your armor. Our included security awareness training package arms your users with crucial knowledge about security threats.

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Elite Escalation Services

High above our competition, Mirazon boasts a large team of senior engineers skilled in security, virtualization, servers, cloud, and networking. This robust projects division, which serves enterprises, has a collective experience of over a hundred years that we bring to tough issues.

Make IT Spending Predictable

With our flat-rate agreements and our comprehensive technology roadmapping, you can keep on top of your IT spend for five years out. When we create your technology roadmap, we will review your business objectives and goals, predict any growth or change, and help you maintain systems that will support where you’re going. We’ll work with your budget or help you create one that you can follow for years to come.

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After-Hours Emergency Services

We understand not everyone works from 9-5 anymore. With disparate, remote workers and locations in all time zones, or multiple factory shifts, Mirazon’s clients frequently need assistance after hours. We can offer additional helpdesk coverage, as well as emergency support services overnight.

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Layered Security that Protects You

Staying secure is a multi-faceted strategy that includes layering several tools. Our full-service Total IT package includes these to drastically reduce the risk of cyberattack.

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Email Security

Email security is so much more than spam filtering these days. With our email security practices, you can rest easier that bad actors can’t access your most critical business tool.

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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Workstations and servers house your most important data and can grant bad actors the keys to your kingdom. Our EDR watches for malicious activity and stops it in its tracks.

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Network Monitoring and Alerting

Disgruntled employees, hackers, viruses… once they get into your network, there are certain behaviors we look for. Our monitoring and alerting will help us stop attacks fast.

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Web Filtering

The world wide web is still the wild west. There are lots of compromised websites, even legit ones, that can infect your end users when they visit them. Our web filtering tool prevents them from visiting these sites.

Mirazon’s Layered Security Strategy

Key elements of Mirazon’s Cybersecurity initiatives revolve around our Layered Security Strategy. Through decades of experience, we’ve developed this proven process that ensures your business, employees, and IT infrastructure are protected at every level from potential threat actors. Want to learn more about it?

Download our Layered Security Strategy Guide

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