microsoft licensingAs we close out this year, let’s take a look back at our most popular blogs of 2014. It was clear that this year was the year of Microsoft licensing questions as well as interest in Microsoft Lync and Office 365.

10. How to Survive a Microsoft Audit: Part 3, Software Asset Management Review

In this post, licensing specialist Seth Rodriquez explains one type of Microsoft audit: the Software Asset Management Review. In this audit, a company must partner with a consulting company (like us). Usually when conducting this audit, the company is simply supposed to report any discrepancies and rectify use or buy licenses.

9. What Windows Server 2012 Virtualization Rights Do I Have?

Seth Rodriquez reviews the important guidelines when it comes to virtualizing any Windows 2012 servers. The most important thing to remember is that Windows Server 2012 is licensed per processor, not physical box.

8. Persistent Chat with Microsoft Lync

Persistent Chat within Microsoft Lync is like a chatroom where the messages remain (are persistent) and are accessible to anyone who enters the chat. Drew Haney explains how it works in his post.

7. Lync Persistent Chat: Topic and Ego Feeds

This post is a follow-up to number 8, Persistent Chat with Microsoft Lync. In Persistent Chat, administrators can set up topic and ego feeds, which scan for keywords or names. This is especially helpful when parsing through help desk requests.

6. UPDATED How To: Add McAfee SaaS To Office 365

This post is purely a how-to on activating McAfee’s spam filtering within Office 365, written by one of our engineers Michael Patrick.

5. How Do I Upgrade from Windows XP? The Licensing Issues

While Windows XP met its end of life last April, this post continued to rack up the views. Seth Rodriquez lays out the important Microsoft considerations when you’re upgrading off Windows XP.

4. How Do I License My Office 365 Users for On-Premise Versions of Exchange, Lync, and SharePoint?

If you’re in a hybrid environment with Office 365 but you still have on-prem Exchange, Lync and/or SharePoint, this is for you. Seth explains the licensing ins and outs.

3. Implementing Office 365: Password Sync vs. ADFS

Drew takes you through your choices for provisioning your users in the cloud when you switch to Office 365.

2. Do I Need SQL CALs When Using SharePoint?

The question of whether or not you need CALs for your SQL server for SharePoint is a common one. It’s a misconception that you’d only need one. Seth explains why in this blog post.

1. What is Windows 8.1 Enterprise and How Do I Get It?

Our most popular post from 2014 belongs to Seth Rodriquez. In this article he explains Windows 8.1 Enterprise is in licensing terms. Windows 8.1 Enterprise is a version of Windows that is only available as a Software Assurance (SA) benefit and is the most robust version of Windows available.


We’re looking forward to a great 2015! If you have any questions about Microsoft licensing, Lync or anything else that has to do with your IT, email us or give us a call: 502-240-0404.