What a year it’s been! With SQL Server 2016 going EoL to Windows Server 2019 going GA, from Veeam’s new subscription model to VMware’s elimination of its Enterprise license bundle, the only thing constant in IT is change. We tried to keep on top of topics that mattered most to our clients. Here’s what was most popularly viewed on our blog in 2018:

10. Critical Alert: Pause Spectre BIOS Updates from Dell and HP

This week Dell and HP are playing the Hokey Pokey on the BIOS updates: “Put your BIOS update in, take your BIOS update out”. Maybe don’t shake it all about. But all joking aside, Dell and HP published alerts that there are issues with the BIOS patches designed to mitigate the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities… Read more.

9. PowerShell: Multi-threading, Progress Bars and GUI Input, Part 3

Before we dive in, if you’re just joining us now on this third installment, here’s part one and here’s part two to get you started. So let’s start off with some apologies…. Read more.

8. Lync Phone Edition Devices Incompatible with Office 365 By November 2018

Mirazon has been gracious enough to provide me the opportunity to guest blog about the AudioCodes replacement program for Microsoft LPE (Lync Phone Edition) devices. Did you know that LPE devices will stop working with Microsoft Office 365 services beginning on October 31, 2018? Read more.

7. Windows Server: Migrations vs. In-Place Upgrades

We’re close to end of life on certain common operating systems, so naturally, upgrading has been a frequent topic lately. However, when we say “upgrade the OS,” we actually mean migration. This is for a few reasons… Read more.

6. Office 365 Security and Compliance Search

If you’re trying to track down who sent out those company secrets or correspondence regarding a legal issue, you can use the Office 365 Security and Compliance features. Read more.

5. Chrome Update Freezes Computers: Disable Chrome’s Background Processes to Protect Your Processor

Honestly, it felt like one of those days where nothing was working. After startup, my mouse was stuttering across my computer screen, nothing was loading and I basically couldn’t do anything. My CPU was maxed out, but I didn’t have nearly any programs open… Read more.

4. Veeam Per-VM Subscription Licensing Is Out

Veeam has been our go-to backup solution for virtual environments for about ten years. They constantly improve upon the product, making it that much easier to implement, backup and restore. However, many of our clients have smaller environments with just a few VMs or one host and the licensing for Veeam Backup & Replication was a significant cost… Read more.

3. Using Microsoft Teams for File Sharing Group Permissions in SharePoint and OneDrive

I had a client request that we help set up the primary company file storage using Office 365. They had been using SharePoint to store files for a couple of years but all users had equal access to all files… Read more.

2. New Features in Veeam Backup & Replication 9.5 Update 4

At Veeam’s annual conference, VeeamON, Veeam revealed what the roadmap was for new features in Backup & Replication. You may notice we didn’t title this “Veeam Backup & Replication v10”. This is covering what’s coming with update 4 to the current 9.5. Veeam has been shying away from a major update to 10 and are announcing features as they’re ready. Read more.

1. A Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft End of Support

Microsoft support. If you’re lucky, you’ve never had to call it and never will have to call it. Microsoft support for many people is the last resort, the punt after all other attempts have failed. However… Read more.

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