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Spring Into IT: Cultivating Growth In the Digital Garden

Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance  |  Staff Augmentation  |  Networking Solutions

Cultivate IT Success

Cyber Insurance Compliance | Staff Augmentation | Networking Solutions

Spring into IT and plant the seeds of success for your business! Whether you’re interested in cyber insurance compliance requirements, bridging the gap with our staff augmentation services, or just want to dig a little deeper into your network with our Network Discovery, our experts will have you going from roots to results in no time.

Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance
Cybersecurity Insurance Posture Assessment (FREE!)
Network Support, Design,
& Segmentation

Network Discovery

External Vulnerability

Cybersecurity Insurance Compliance

Sow the Seeds of Cybersecurity Success

FREE Cyber Insurance Posture Assessment!

Bad actors are constantly attacking networks, preying on unsuspecting end users, or trying to infect your systems with ransomware. Let the cybersecurity experts at Mirazon guide you through the next steps of increasing your security posture as you prepare for the process of acquiring cybersecurity insurance. Our 21-question assessment will highlight areas for improvement in your cyber security posture, allowing you to set your business up for success.

Benefits Of A Mirazon Cybersecurity Insurance Posture Assessment

Through our online assessment, our cybersecurity experts will review and produce an analysis of your cybersecurity posture. This report will allow for collaboration between our experts and your team to identify areas for enhancement in your environment and increase your security posture before acquiring or renewing a cybersecurity policy.

Areas reviewed through this assessment include: Risk, Security Policy, Data Backup & Recovery, Compliance, and Security Awareness Training.

Security Policy
Data Backup & Recovery
Security Awareness Training

Why Cyber Insurance Matters Today

Cyber insurance is a necessity, providing the protection your business needs in case of a cyber incident or data breach. With the costs of cybercrime expected to surge in the next five years, up to an estimated $24 trillion by 2027, the importance of cybersecurity insurance will continue to increase, and it will be important to limit premium costs for companies.

Cyber attacks inflict significant financial burdens on businesses or governments, encompassing stolen funds, ransomware payments, incident response, system restoration, loss of revenue, and recovery expenses. By mitigating these costs, cyber insurance offers protection against various financial impacts.

How It Works

Complete our cyber insurance posture assessment, and our team will begin by reviewing the answers you’ve submitted. We will then produce a report identifying areas where your company could complement or augment your current cybersecurity environment to ensure you are prepared for the cybersecurity insurance application process.

This includes:

— An actionable report providing areas for enhancement within your cybersecurity environment
— A review of the report with a Mirazon cybersecurity expert.

Staff Augmentation

Reliable Talent. Seamless Integration. Results Driven.

Our staff augmentation services give businesses like yours the opportunity to bolster their existing workforce with external talent on a temporary basis to address specific needs or projects. When you work with Mirazon’s skilled professionals, businesses can efficiently scale their teams, access niche expertise, and meet project deadlines without the overhead of permanent hires and the headaches that can come along with recruiting.

Benefits of Mirazon’s Staff Augmentation Services

— No contracts

— 15-Minute Billing Increments

— Certified Experts

— Seamless Integration & Communication

Short on Time
Have an upcoming deadline that can't wait? Our experts are here to help make sure you get what you need done on time.
Increased Workloads or Projects
Need help with increased workloads and projects? We are here for you when you just need a helping hand – or two or three.
Bridging the Gap
Use Mirazon as a bridge to fill in the gap for longer-term needs while you build a permanent workforce (new business, location, etc.).
Specialized Knowledge & Capabilities
For temporary outside-the-office specific skills requirements, such as setting up certain facilities and technology.
Scale your business rapidly while looking for a a more permanent workforce solution.

Networking Services

Access Information. Transfer Information. Secure Information.

The premise of networking is painfully simple — get that data from here to there.

However, in practice, networking can become an ultra complex, finicky and ultimately, critical piece to your infrastructure.

The Mirazon team has certified and experienced networking professionals that can help you with your layer two, layer three, SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, or other networking initiatives. OSFP, BGP, VXLAN, throw it at us and we’ll bring you a robust, redundant and performant network solution.

Troubleshoot existing problems with performance, access or visibility in your network

Design and segment Wi-Fi or networks according to cybersecurity best practices

Balance your redundancy, performance and throughput needs with growth projections and budget

Assist in customizing the spec and type of your networking or
Wi-Fi devices

Select from several well-tested and proven manufacturers

Educate you on how to manage and administer your network

Support and maintain your network as you grow

Network Discovery

Obtain greater control of your IT infrastructure by analyzing key network devices responsible for the overall health of your network. Troubleshoot problems instantly, and feel empowered to design the entire network for resilience – allowing you to effectively plan upgrades or maintenance accordingly.

Gain insightful information about your IT environment, and feel confident when it comes to the physical space around your infrastructure, including orphaned/rogue equipment, environmental risks, potential power issues, and end-of-life/support.

Contact us now to dig deeper into your network and better protect your IT infrastructure from cybersecurity threats!

Asset Detail Report
-- Computer Serial Number, Make, Model
-- Storage model, serial, capacity, usage
-- Software details
-- Listening ports, and more!
Network Diagram
-- Layer 2-3 Diagram
-- MDF/IDF Diagram
-- Site Diagram
Server Rack Diagrams
-- Map/layout of server room
-- Shows everything you have
-- Shows how it all connects
-- MDFs & IDFs
Switch Documentation
Shows device to switch and switch port layout / connections
Patch Assurance Report
Shows any updates that still need to be installed to maintain a high level of security
Windows Service Accounts Report
Shows all service accounts on all computers
Network Management Plan
-- Get a punch list of your discoveries
-- Gain the competitive edge you deserve
Environmental Risks
-- Physical damages
-- Temperature / humidity
-- Sprinklers, etc.
Potential Power Issues
-- Backup power
-- Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
-- Surge protectors, etc
Orphaned / Rogue Equipment
Discover any unused equipment, and to what capacity
End of Life / Support
Discover any equipment you may have that could be nearing the end of its support
Remediation Plan & Recommendations
-- Gain control over your IT environment
-- Develop a higher insight of what it’s doing for you, and what it can do for you


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External Vulnerability Testing

Fortify Your Digital Perimeter

Our expert team employs cutting-edge methodologies to identify and assess potential weaknesses in your digital infrastructure. From network scans to web application assessments, we meticulously examine external-facing systems to fortify your defenses against cyber threats. With a focus on proactive security measures, our external vulnerability testing services empower you to stay one step ahead in safeguarding your organization’s critical assets.

Explore the world of ethical hacking and fortify your digital perimeter with our comprehensive external vulnerability testing solutions.

Customer Testimonials

“Wonderful Customer Care”

“We’ve worked with Mirazon for many years. They created our entire computer system and processed us through a change of locations. The entire Mirazon team has been wonderful and gives each client wonderful customer care. Mirazon has been there in every instance to help in a crisis or to answer questions. I highly recommend them as an IT partner.”

— Jason Tumulty, Physician’s Center For Beauty

“Made Us Feel Confident”

“You were our safety net and made us feel confident. It was well worth the money and time we spent. If we hadn’t have gotten the feedback we did, we wouldn’t be in as good of shape as we are now…Your team was very accommodating and nothing was a stupid question. As far as your team’s accessibility and responsiveness, I really appreciated it.”

— Rachel Rothwell, GeriMed

“Mirazon Gives Us Peace of Mind”

“Mirazon support has a pool of experts available when we need assistance without the overhead of having these experts on staff. Mirazon gives us peace of mind. If we have a failure we have someone we can call. That is priceless.”

— Jim Nassar, First Orlando

“Excellent Company To Work With”

“Excellent company to work with… I highly recommend Mirazon to anyone interested in getting more than just your average IT experience. Mirazon feels like an extension of your team.”

— Todd Taylor, Taylor Advisors

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