2016-concept-with-hand-pressing-a-button-resizedWe’re all looking forward to 2017, but we had a lot happen this year, like the monster release of Windows Server 2016, some Microsoft licensing changes and more. Here are our most visited blogs from 2016:

How Is SQL Server 2016 Licensed? Part 1: The Basics

SQL Server 2016 also came out this year and was readily available in June. The licensing from 2014 to 2016 didn’t change much, except that the Business Intelligence edition was eliminated.

How to Create a GRE Tunnel within FortiGate

Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) tunnels provide a private, secure path for transporting packets through an otherwise public network, but we typically use GRE tunnels to help get routing protocols to share information with other devices across a VPN tunnel. It’s also is a wonderful troubleshooting option, like for when an MPLS may be blocking traffic.

One-Way Audio Issue in Skype for Business and AudioCodes

Some deep troubleshooting allowed us to restore full audio function. We had to force an active rekey of SRTP, but the reason for this is still unknown to us.

Automating Office 365 Login in PowerShell

Logging into Office 365 through PowerShell can be a bit cumbersome, so here is a way to automate that process.

Quick Tip: Using PowerShell with Active Directory to Find Groups and Users

If you want a quick and simple way to see which users are in what groups in Active Directory, here’s a script you can run in PowerShell.

What’s New in Windows Server 2016: Failover Clustering

Failover clustering in some form has been around for a while, but was called server clusters before Windows Server 2008. In the latest preview of Windows Server 2016, there are quite a few new features to failover clustering.

Microsoft Message Analyzer: The Best Network Troubleshooting Tool You’re NOT Using

Message Analyzer can not only capture traffic and read captures (including Wireshark’s .pcapng format), it can analyze information from a whole host of other sources. These sources include: Windows event logs, *.log files (such as netlogon.log), PowerShell, SQL and Azure.

How Is SQL Server 2016 Licensed? Part 2: Virtual Environments

There are two ways to license SQL 2016 for a virtual environment: You can either license the individual virtual machines or, for maximum virtualization, you can license the cores in the physical server. If you only need one or a few instances of SQL, then license individually. If you license every processor core in the physical machine with SQL Server 2016 Enterprise and cover those licenses with Software Assurance, then all bets are off. You can create virtual SQL servers to your heart’s content. An unlimited supply of SQL Servers is now at your fingertips.

Hard Matching Identities with Office 365 ImmutableID

There are times when you need to Hard Match a user from Active Directory to Office 365 either for troubleshooting, for Active Directory Migrations, or because you may be using a license that doesn’t allow the Primary SMTP address to be set. In order to Hard Match a user, you need to get the objectGUID of the user account in Active Directory and convert it to the Office 365 ImmutableID that identifies an Active Directory user.

Veeam Backup & Replication V9 is out: BitLooker, Guest Interaction Proxy and Per-VM Backup File Chains

Since then, Veeam v9.5 has come out, but BitLooker, Guest Interaction Proxy and Per-VM backup file chains have drastically improved the Veeam experience.

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