V10 is the first major release for the Veeam Availability in several years. We actually got our first sneak peek back in 2017, so it’s been a long time coming. We expect it out sometime at the end of this year or in January 2020. Here are some features to get excited about.

NAS Backup

You will be able to back up your large file shares across multiple file platforms (not just Windows shares). Think Linux, NetApp, other filer-type appliances. This is great because before if they weren’t virtualized, it didn’t really make sense to take a traditional backup of a large file server. With this feature you can seamlessly integrate the shares themselves without having to back up the entire NAS.

Be aware that this feature will require additional licensing at some level of usage.

Expanding Hybrid-Cloud Compatibility

We will see more AWS and Azure object storage support, including the ability to backup directly to object storage in the cloud. This opens up tons of flexibility for your offsite backups at an achievable price point.

Make sure you’re following a good 3-2-1 rule and your cloud architecture is well thought out. Instant-On (spinning up your backups to use as production) won’t work just yet, so have a restoration plan that is documented and tested.

In AWS you can use Veeam to ransomware-proof your backups with a lockout functionality that creates immutable backups. Azure does not have this feature today but we’re sure something comparable is in the works.

Instant Recovery

With Instant Recovery, you can take a physical agent backup and restore it to VMware. This is great for testing environments or backing up your physical machines. This isn’t necessarily a new feature but there are new automations that will make this much easier to implement.

New Features in Veeam 365 v4

Veeam also recently released their new version of their Office 365 backup suite, Veeam 365. New features include MFA support for multi-tenancy, improvements to performance connecting to Office 365, and overall more scalability. This is big for companies that have multiple domains but are under one big Office 365 umbrella. Before this version, you could only see one domain at a time. Now you can add all your accounts in and put them together as one big job.

You can also do cloud-to-cloud backups, so you can back up your Office 365 to object storage in AWS or Azure (much like we said above).

If you have Veeam and want help taking advantage of these features, we can help. If you don’t have Veeam and want to see if it’s right for you, we can also help. Call us at 502-240-0404 or send us at email at info@mirazon.com!