V D IVirtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is the new trend. As businesses virtualize more and more of their infrastructure, VDI is often a next step.

Minimizing Hardware Cost

First off, adopting VDI will allow you to use different end points. Thin or zero clients, like those by 10ZiG, are great options. Thin and zero clients don’t have the horsepower of a standard laptop or desktop but the point is that you don’t need it anymore. There are less moving parts to a thin or zero client. They generally cost less and last longer.

Improving Manageability

Ever had to stay late going from workstation to workstation updating software and patches? Those days are gone. VDI makes it easy to update each and every individual from a centralized management dashboard. It’s also much easier to refresh a machine if something goes awry (maybe someone opened a suspicious PDF that came to their inbox).

Who Benefits from VDI?

Like most IT solutions, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all. VDI is a great option for organizations who have large groups of workers who do the same tasks. For example, VDI is ideal for a call center. The users all have the same activities and use a limited number of programs — usually a proprietary software, a unified communications program and web browsing. School computer labs are also great candidates for VDI because of how simply the IT admin can refresh the computers every day and avoid repairing and troubleshooting each individual machine.

Companies that experience high turnover, like temp agencies, love having VDI. It’s easy to provision users, remove users, or refresh users with very little heavy lifting on the part of the IT staff. VDI is also often recommended to organizations that have very mobile workforces. With VDI, a user can log in anywhere on a range of devices and have the same experience without undue burden on the IT department.


VDI may not be the ideal solution for your organization depending on a lot of things: the use case, your budget, your projected growth, etc. While VDI adds a layer of convenience for many organizations, depending on how they use it, it may not lower cost. In other cases, it’s a great way to save money. It just depends.

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