As a member of the Windows 10 Technical Preview community, I’m very excited for the enhancements and changes that are coming to the Windows operating system. As Microsoft moves to a more unified ecosystem, Windows must be more user friendly, seamless and functional than it ever was before.

Start Menu

Okay, Windows 8 users, you can put down your torches and pitchforks. One of the most noticeable changes in Windows is how the Start menu handles.

You can resize it to fill the screen or you can set it up like the traditional Windows 7 style start menu. The Start Menu features the tiles function we’ve all come to know with Windows 8.

Windows 10

Each technical preview build has a link to the release notes in the bottom right.


Cortana has been on the Windows Phone for around a year now and that same functionality (plus PC-specific additions) is coming to Windows 10. Cortana will be able to search for files locally as well as online. Cortana is based in the cloud and therefore is constantly adapting to your preferences and settings. Also, there is a Notebook feature that allows you to regulate and manage what Cortana knows about you. Cortana, for example can start or stop music on your computer that you are playing through the house.  Cortana will also integrate with your calendar and appointments.

Code Name: Spartan

Microsoft’s new internet browser is code-named Spartan. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the new rendering capabilities to accommodate the way Internet pages are coded today.Cortana will also be directly integrated into the browser to understand your preferences and needs. There will be note taking capabilities on webpages and easy sharing functionality. There will also be a reading mode and will also allow you to save things offline to read later when there may not be an Internet connection.

Office Integration Photo Application and Graphics changes

Office integration is another thing that will be more seamless across devices, OneDrive included. Users will also be able to move not only applications but games and other things they are doing on their devices to another Windows 10 device at home or in the office. There was also discussion with the gaming portion about DirectX 12 and the graphics implications for the platform. The focus for Direct X was greater rendering and performance with a reduction in battery usage.

The way that photos will be optionally handled in Windows 10 looks to be an interesting and also better approach. It will sort and put things in albums respectively.

Windows 10


There are a couple of noticeable changes in the Action Center:

Windows 10

It brings up a section that looks like this on the right hand side.

Windows 10

The other interesting change is in PC settings. This screen has changed to this image:

Windows 10

The Control Panel as we have known it in Windows for forever is still there and functional.

Microsoft is now in a place where they understand their position in the technology market more than ever. Microsoft knows that people can go somewhere else to browse the web or to run their servers. Microsoft understands the power they have and they are being better stewards of it than ever before. There are a lot of other changes that will be coming with Windows 10… all of which have the potential to change the landscape of computing like we have never seen before.

We’re staying on top of what’s to come with Windows and Microsoft. If you have any questions, send us an email or give us a call, 502-240-0404!