An important step in transitioning to a wireless network is an in-depth wireless survey. Oftentimes, enterprises report spotty wireless coverage but have all the cutting-edge equipment. They may have even had their vendor come in and perform a wireless survey to identify the best locations to place the equipment. However, there is no standard for these wireless surveys and they can be as shallow as an engineer walking around with a laptop testing connectivity or a simple visual identification of locations for access points.

In addition to weak wireless surveys, vendors work hard to push as much product as they can instead of prescribing the optimal solution. An enterprise’s network can get overloaded with access points, which will fight with each other, and will result in weak or spotty networks. Users’ machines will continue to switch connectivity back and forth between access points that are too close to each other, causing service to continue to drop or lag. It is not only a wasteful expense to be overloaded with access points but it degrades your wireless network quality. Sometimes less is more in engineering a wireless network.

That is why, at Mirazon, we’re committed to performing an in-depth, complete wireless survey when we are contracted to provide our top-quality Ruckus Wireless products to a client. We do not oversell products, just the right ones. And because we’re outfitting you specifically with Ruckus Wireless gear, we use Ruckus Wireless equipment in our wireless survey.

Developing a wireless site map involves a few things: understanding the number of users in each area, identifying any obstacles like walls or hallways and any metal or concrete material as well as locating all the power and cabling necessary. You can expect a Mirazon wireless survey, done by a certified wireless engineer, to include: a map the floor plan, identification of the ideal locations for access points, and estimations of the user densities. All of these details play into providing a strong and reliable connection for your employees.

If your business is ready to be liberated from your wired network, have it done right the first time. Contact Mirazon to find out more about how Ruckus Wireless premium products and a comprehensive wireless survey will give you an excellent wireless network.