Immutable Backups

Reliable | Secure | Object First

Object First’s Immutable Backups

Built For Today’s World

Benefits tailored to exceed your needs

Backups Can’t Be Changed/Deleted

  • It’s IMPOSSIBLE for backups to be accidentally OR intentionally deleted – whether it be employees, malicious actors, or other cyberthreats
  • Ransomware is UNABLE to encrypt these backups
  • Object First allows you to set a specific period of time for IMMUTABILITY, making it completely customizable to what you and your business needs 

The Safe Copy of Data Can Be Primary 

  • ALWAYS have access to what you need when you need it – no more backup delays waiting on uploads to the cloud
  • Maintain FULL CONTROL over your backups – Object First is a device you control.
  • You will ALWAYS have your backups with you since it is a physical device

Affordable, Simple, and Secure

  • After the initial setup, this device continues to RUN ON ITS OWN
  • Updates are SIMPLE – there is no OS to manage
  • Object First is AFFORDABLE and uses fixed costs
  • Because this is on-premises, no internet usage is needed – making this device incredibly SECURE

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