Exciting news JUST BREAKING TODAY from Microsoft on the next generation of Surface Hub, the aptly named Surface Hub 2!

If you’re new to the term Surface Hub, it’s essentially Microsoft’s giant touchscreen computer used for presentations and in conference rooms. It’s got its own tailored version of Windows and is optimized for collaboration – you can video conference on it, whiteboard on it, present on it, you name it.

The second iteration of the Surface Hub was announced this morning by Microsoft and if technology can be sexy, Microsoft nailed it:

surface hub 2Some of the announced specifications:

  • 4K 50.5 inch multi-touch display
  • 4K cameras
  • Integrated speakers with far field mic arrays
  • Multiple Surface Hubs 2 can be joined together either extending the display or allowing for tiling of applications
  • Multi-user authentication within same workspace

Seriously, folks, I’m drooling as I type this. Go here to catch the official announcement, complete with a SWEET video. Now excuse me while I go beg my bosses to make a new purchase!

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