Brian Cushman

Managed Services Engineer, Team Lead

Hi! I’m Brian and I started at Mirazon in May of 2021.

My fascination with tech started like many others’ — PC games. I began playing in 1997 and realized wanted it to look better. After some research, I opened up my PC and said to myself, “This is what people are afraid of?” (At that time lots of people did not know much about PCs). After that I built my own PCs. I like this job because I get to learn about technology and help people out.

When I’m not dispatching and troubleshooting, I like honing my bushcraft and survival skills (camping, living off the land, etc.) and reading – mostly horror and sci-fi.

CompTIA A+ 100%
CompTIA Net+ 100%

Grilled steak

Any beach where it’s warm!

I mainly enjoy metal music such as Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth. I listen to everything except country music.

Brian Cushman