leah-weisman-photoboothLeah Weisman, Marketing Manager

My name is Leah Weisman and I joined Mirazon in July of 2014. Before working as a Mirazon employee, I was their marketing consultant for almost two years. I moved to Louisville in 2012 and I worked as the marketing coordinator for an IT company in Virginia before I left. For a non-technical person, my years in the IT space have left me rather fluent in IT lingo.

I studied public relations and Spanish at Virginia Tech, arguably the most wonderful place in the world. I have two dogs, Zero and Pepper, and I’ve been known to enjoy a glass of bourbon every now and then.

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Favorite Band

Constantly changes!

Favorite Food

Fried chicken!

Favorite Book

All the Harry Potter books but The Princess Bride (you didn’t know it was a book too, did you?) is a close second!

Dream Vacation

So many! Exploring a new country, learning about different cultures and histories, or just relaxing in a tropical location.